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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

small update on Einfeld

A small postscript to the last post on Marcus Einfeld. Last night an interview with Einfeld was aired on Australian television. On being asked if he was an honest man, Einfeld took exception at any suggestion that he was anything but honest. Give me a break - the arrogance of His Dishonour just beggars belief. He had just pleaded guilty to the charges of lying to court - does an honest person lie to court? Does an honest person only admit to the lies in order to avoid even more trouble? Does an honest person get others to join in the web of deceit and deception? Of course not. Marcus Einfeld is an unrepentant liar and a disgrace to society in general and the judiciary in particular. In short, he is dirt.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Justice is served!

Remember former Justice Marcus Einfeld who lied through his teeth over and over again to avoid a $75 traffic infringement and the accompanying licence demerit points, even to the point of claiming a dead woman was driving the car? Then he had a friend swear on oath that she was with him in another town at the time of the offence, driving his mother's car, only to have that scam collapse when security footage proved mum's car hadn't left her place that day, let alone transport His Dishonour out of Sydney.

The New South Wales Supreme Court has sentenced this lying piece of scum to a minimum of two years in prison in a three year sentence. I was quite concerned that the judiciary would close ranks and attempt to protect one of their 'own'. Clearly however, the judiciary is as pissed off with him as the rest of the world. Justice Bruce James described Einfeld's behaviour as planned criminal behaviour - which is exactly what it was. James further described Einfeld as engaging in deliberate, premeditated perjury. Pretty damning stuff.

How funny is it going to be if Einfeld finds himself doing time with people that he banged up?