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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Request lodged

I have now lodged a request for Freedom of Information access to try and find out exactly what this complaint is that I am supposed to have made against another individual that the Australian Federal Police used as justification to arrest that individual.

I still believe that it beggars belief that police are allowed to claim such information exists but despite it allegedly coming from me, I am not allowed to know what it actually is, let alone sight a copy of it.

Again I ask, why is it that an arrested party can be given that information but the person it is alleged to come from in the first place is not allowed to know anything about it?

As this is a simply outrageous position, I have also brought matters to the attention of the ACT Attorney General and the media.

Anyone prepared to wager that the AFP will be less-than cooperative in providing this information? If it even exists.

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