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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Is MySpace co-operating with spammers?

I recently blogged about the rumour of MySpace selling user data to third parties, posting the MySpace reply to my inquiry of them.

The emergence of that rumour saw me start to use my MySpace account for the first time in ages. I spend a little downtime playing poker with pretend money (and yes, I'm ahead). However, after zero spam hitting that account for a long time, almost the moment I started using it again, despite not doing any updates to my status etc, I suddenly started receiving spam once more. Just the usual - women I've never heard of before, suddenly pledging their undying love, blah blah blah.

This started me wondering - just who are these third party application developers that MySpace help access the public information from MySpace accounts? Could they in fact be assisting the spammers?

Rather interestingly, MySpace responded with a string of instructions on how to make my account private. Sorry folks - that wasn't the question, so would you kindly answer the actual question I asked?

Call me a cynic, but when people avoid answering questions by changing the subject, I immediately start thinking 'ah haaa - they are doing it.'

I have responded to MySpace with a more pointed question that they could not fail to understand. I wonder if they shall bother responding?

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